Sega Game Review – Bart’s Nightmare

Bart’s Nightmare was released for the Sega Genesis and the SNES in 1992 in the U.S. by Sculpted Software and in 1993 for Europe and Japan. It is based on the popular television series of The Simpsons that has wide notoriety. The idea if the game is rather simple Bart falls asleep while studying (which may I say is rather unrealistic for Bart), and finds himself in a different reality. If you happen to be a fan of The Simpsons you’re sure to be a fan of Bart’s Nightmare.

The plot of this game is rather odd and seems to be more than a little silly. You must go through this dream world you’re in and collect the missing pages of your report (there are 8) by avoiding enemies, jumping on the pages you find and beating the mini games to acquire them. All the while you must collect Z’s to keep your sleep meter from expiring. Depending on how many pages you managed to find before Bart wakes up depends on how the game grades you. Each grade in Bart’s Nightmare offers a different ending in which his family reacts to the grade that Bart receives.
Bart’s Nightmare’s graphics are superb; the characters all look as they do in the show, which is greatly appealing for the fans. The background of Springfield is correct and proportionate to my satisfaction (which is pretty high considering I am quite a fan of the show). The oddest parts are most likely the backgrounds in the mini-games, at one point I am quite certain part is in hell (no surprise there), and in another he is Bartzilla and climbing the Empire State building (I don’t ask how it ended up in Springfield). I still give the graphics a good rating cause they are true to the basis of the game which is the show

The background music in this Sega Genesis game can be repetitive if not downright annoying. It makes me want to grind my teeth and turn the game off, my fiancĂ© claims it sounds like Egyptian music gone horribly wrong. However the sound effects for Bart’s Nightmare are superb. Everything from the buses to Bart’s landing on the dream world streets has sound. When you collect one of the pages required Bart makes what can only guess is a triumphant noise of da-da-da-daa-da whoa!

Bart’s Nightmare seems rather simple when you first land in Dream World, all you have to avoid buses and other enemies. In all intents and purposes the simplest of side scrollers. That is until you leap on a page and have to complete a mini-game to collect the required paper. Then you are forced to engage with enemies to move forward to get to the piece of report. Bart seems to respond well to you in his Nightmare, moving around easily, thankfully there doesn’t seem to be any lag in the response of the character. The replay is a slight appeal due to the fact that each different grade (A-F or Outstanding) causes you to get a different ending of a response of your family’s reaction to your grade. However after you have completed the game several times to receive each ending I don’t see much of a point of replaying the game. The thought of the music still makes me get a headache.
In my opinion, Bart’s Nightmare, receives a 6 mostly due to the music I endured. Plus, I soon became bored by it, despite my initial interest, due to the fact the game doesn’t really get any harder. I say if you’re a serious fan of the show you might want to pick it up to try it out, otherwise there’s not much of a point.

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