Bejeweled Blitz: Top 20 Signs You’re Addicted to This Facebook Game

Bejeweled Blitz is a Facebook game application, created by Pop Cap games. This game can also be accessed on Pop Cap’s website, Yahoo, or other Internet game sites. The premise of Bejeweled Blitz is to destroy a series of blocks in sets of 3’s, 4’s and 5’s, and earn as high a score as you can in 60 seconds. A player can easily become addicted to Bejeweled Blitz for a couple of reasons – on Facebook, the game is simply one minute long; it’s full of bright colors, shapes and sounds; you can get special speed bonuses and bonus gems to build up your score; Facebook also ranks your score against your friends and keeps track of your past scores. Unfortunately, some of us tend to become addicted to this game – here are 20 signs to determine if you too – sadly – are addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.

1.) You hesitate on clicking the Bejeweled Blitz game button and glance at the clock on your computer, because you know that a single one-minute game may turn into half an hour of non-stop playing.

2.) You start rationalizing to yourself and making promises while playing: “Only 5 more games, and I’ll stop playing Bejeweled.” Then, after 5 more games, you keep playing, and feel great amounts of guilt.

3.) You keep track of your previous high scores, and are determined not to create a downward slump on your progress chart.

4.) You get angry with yourself when you miss an obvious 4 or 5-block hit, or when you run out of time and don’t have the chance to use your 5-block bonus ‘clear-all’ gem.

5.) Feelings of guilt creep in when you realize you could be doing something more important than playing Bejeweled, but the temptation is still there and you keep playing.

6.) You lie to others about playing, or you minimize or hide the screen when other people are around, because you don’t want them to judge you.

7.) You do not post your scores or publish them to your Newsfeed, because you don’t want people to know you are obsessed with Bejeweled.

8.) You feel a sincere rivalry with other friends who continue to get high scores.

9.) You feel a genuine letdown if you cannot beat your high score in a single session of playing.

10.) Bejeweled Blitz actually sends you a message after a game telling you “You have now played 40 straight games of Bejeweled”, making you feel annoyed that even Bejeweled itself thinks you are addicted.

11.) You stay up much later than you planned on, or start running late to work or an appointment because you’ve played too many games of Bejeweled.

12.) You look at tile floors, and imagine how you would clear the rows of blocks.

13.) You get a real ‘high’ of satisfaction when you get a really high score – like over 300,000.

14.) You see your progress charts on certain scores, and determine that you are going to reach “level 5” on scores over 125,000 by tonight.

15.) You watch other people play Bejeweled Blitz, get annoyed and want to take over their game.

16.) You strategize how to get the best score – and know all about how to use the timer, the speed factor, the gems, etc. to their full advantage.

17.) You think you are too good to have to use “Boosts” – they’re beneath you.

18.) You get mad that a row-clearing bonus gem begins working when a row is partially empty, not giving you the full amount of points.

19.) You anticipate getting home and logging on to Facebook, in order to play Bejeweled.

20.) You have actually tried ‘giving up’ Bejeweled Blitz cold turkey when you recognized your addiction – and it maybe worked, for awhile. Then you got curious and played a few games, and your addiction came back full force.

If you can relate to any of these 20 signs – or if you even understand what some of them mean – then you are perhaps likely to be addicted to Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. The first step to addiction is just to admit that you have a problem! If you need to, un-authorize and delete the application from your Facebook account, and maybe – just maybe – you may be able to resume a normal, fulfilled Bejeweled-addiction-free life.

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Legend of Success Joe (Wave Corp, 1991): Arcade Game Review

Legend of Success Joe is basically the retarted manga version of Rocky. Actually, the manga that it is based on did really well and is apparently some cultural phenomenon there, so maybe that’s good, I dunno. I can’t read Japanese. I can tell you that the game based on it is the height of incompetence and almost completely without worth.
The game chronicles the life of this schmoe Joe as he begins brawling his way through reform school and ends up a legendary boxing champ. The game’s levels tend to alternate between Joe in street clothes fighting groups of attackers, and Joe in the ring taking on a formal boxing opponent, but the gameplay is fundamentally the same for both modes (when the groups attack, one guy comes to the head and faces off against you while the rest stand behind him politely. Japan, such an erudite society.)

The game’s cheesy technique for generating difficulty is that opposing fighters have longer range than you, and can rush in quickly from beyond your range to strike while you can’t do the same to them. So the whole thing is a defensive guessing game on your part, basically.

Add to that the fact that the graphics are awful and the animation is so limited it looks like a Sega Genesis game, and you have possibly the worst overall game in the Neo-Geo lineup. Clunky, ugly and tedious.

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Hype: Metal Gear Solid 4 Video Game

Gamers have known Solid Snake and the Metal Gear (Solid) series for two decades now and the critically acclaimed series will continue with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PlayStation 3. While the PlayStation 3 has lost several exclusives from publishers such as Koei and Capcom, Metal Gear Solid 4 is at this point, still exclusive. Over the past decade, Metal Gear Solid has taken over as Konami’s flagship franchise, pushing classics such as Castlevania and Contra aside for the time being.
Slated for a 2007 release amongst other popular titles to be released, Metal Gear Solid 4 may prove to be one of the saving graces for the PlayStation 3, which at the moment is threatening to dawdle off into obscurity on account of a hefty price and lackluster launch inventory. However unlikely it would be that a single game would save a console is, Metal Gear Solid 4 is shaping up to be a gaming classic-if you’re willing to buy into the massive hype surrounding the title.

The jump from Metal Gear Solid 2 to 3 was astounding in terms of game play. Camouflage was added for the first time and the radar was completely done away with, forcing gamers to use their eyes and the game’s environment to sneak past or up on enemy sentries. The transition was seamless and veterans of previous Metal Gear games had no problem adjusting to the new elements and players new to the series were rewarded with a one of a kind experience.

A similar jump will be made from Metal Gear Solid 3 to 4 with the concept of “No Place to Hide” playing a major role. Buildings crumbling from nearby explosions and things of that nature will comprise the ‘sense’ aspect of the game, which will also play a vital role in how the player traverses the battlefield. The camouflage element of the game has not been abandoned, but rather revamped. Rather than having to collect different sets of camouflage the Octocamo suit will act like octopus, changing skin of the suit in order to blend in with different backgrounds.

The game allows Solid Snake to be more self-contained than other games, where the player would have to find particular equipment in order to make things easier or take on a particular enemy. The need to find night vision goggles and thermal goggles has been eliminated by the Solid Eye System. The Solid Eye System, which appeared as an eye patch and led to a litany of speculation amongst fans, will also provide information about the surrounding area and enemies within your vision.

Another addition is the remote controlled (by Hal Emmerich better known as Otacon) Metal Gear Mk II. Communication between Snake and Otacon will take place through the Mk II and other features have been hinted at, such as taking control in order to perform recon. The Mk II also has the ability to electrocute guards, giving it some offensive capability.

All things considered, with all of the flagship titles to be released in 2007, it would appear that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots would have the best chance to live up to its monumental hype, critically, financially and in terms of originality.

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Try this for Clash Royale – It Works

Today everyone is looking to get the unlimited amount of gems and gold in clash royale game but without spending their real world currency. In a technology world it is achieved by the hack tool and there are vast numbers of tools are available in online. In case you are not selecting proper hack tool then it is completely spoil your device so choosing the best tool is very important. In case you are selecting the best clash royale hack then people might get the vast numbers of benefits. As everyone knows clash royale is the most popular game across the world and it is having excellent gameplay. Gems are the most important resource in the clash royale game and if you are having more amounts of gems then you can easily win this game. Try to choose the hack tool which is available in authorized site so that you can get the plenty of benefits. In a clash royale players are having certain numbers of troops then they can easily win this game because it is only deciding the winning possibility. In case you are used hack tool then it is useful for getting opponent kings tower.

Detailed information about clash royale hack tool

Clash royale is the freemium mobile game so many of the people are not interesting to play this game. But if you are used clash royale hack tool then players can get the vast numbers of benefits such as

  • 24/7 online access, this is the url
  • User friendly interface
  • Players can get unlimited amount of gems, gold and elixir
  • It is completely free
  • Easy to operate
  • Private proxy protection

If you are using clash royale hack tool then you can get your desired resources such as gems so choose the best hack tool. Once you are downloading the best hack tool in online then install it to your device. There are plenty of reasons for using hack tool and the first thing it is producing your desired resource. In fact hack tool is designed with the excellent game features which is really useful for the clash royale user to win a game. As everyone knows gems are the most crucial resource in this game so that use this tool to get your desire resource. Basically gem is allowing the players to unlock the chest instantly and it is sufficient to buy the cards.

Detailed information about clash royale hack tool

In a present world many of the people are willing to use the clash royale hack tool then you can get the unlimited amount of resources. Anyone can easily handle this tool even children can use this tool without facing difficulties. It is designed with the simple technology so you might not wrongly navigate to the other sites. It is 100% working so that people can get the unlimited amounts of resources. Nowadays many of the top players are using this hack tool because it offers numerous numbers of advantages. Many of the sites are offered 99.9 uptime tools and it is completely secure to use. Players can use this tool at 24/7 so whenever you want to use this tool then you can use this tool. It is instantly added resources to your account and it is completely easy to handle the hack tool. There are two different kinds of hack tools are available such as online generator and downloading hack tool. If you are used hack tool generator then you might easily get your resources without effort so choose the best site for selecting hack tool.

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To build a city of your own in SimCity buildit

The games are good company for many people mostly all would like to play games during their free times. Due to the development in the technology all started downloading their favorite games in their mobile and they started playing when they are free. But the SimCity Buildit is really an interesting game which makes you to build your city by your own and gives you a chance to take care of the whole city.

The biggest part of the SimCity game is to build your residential area and to upgrade your residential building and you have to collect the maximum number of coins so that you can able to build your own city soon. You must plan well before you do your work because if you build factory first in your city then you can able to get all the products from your factory to build and balance products you can able to sell that and get coins for that also.

You must take care of your city and try to increase the population in your city so that you can get more amount of the coins and then you have to take care of your city people if suppose any disaster or any emergency in your city then the dangerous light will blow so that you have to provide them

  • Take care of their health
  • Call police for the help
  • In case there is fire you must call them for help.


You must trade with your friends who are there in the other cities and your city must contain all the required facility like the power, sewage, service and water. Then try to build the short time building so that you can able to gain more points.

The easy method to achieve your city

The easy way to achieve your city soon is by using the SimCity buildit simoleons hack it is the easy way through which you can able to collect more coins all at once and you can use for your city building and you can develop your city in the short span of your time. For hacking you dream city you must do the following things.

  • Download the SimCity buildit hack in your device which you play
  • Follow the instruction that you had given to share in the other social media
  • Complete all the steps that are required.
  • Get the access to the final SimCity build generator
  • Generate your desired amount of the simcash and the simoleons.
  • Now login your device and access all the resources that you had given in the SimCity buildit hack.


There are many additional features that the SimCity game had provided and you can able to get and access on your Google play store. New updates are also available in the SimCity game and you can also use that in your games.

After hacking your coins from the hack method then you can able to build more number of buildings and stadium, airport and bus stand and you can improve the population in your city. By using this hack tool you can able to build your city faster than your friends and you can also win your game before they win the game. You can construct road in your city and provide power supply and as same you can build many residential building and get more points. If any resources are not available in your city then you can pay some amount and get those resources from the near cities and update your city soon and win your game in short span of time.

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Clash of Clans Hack to win


Using tips and tricks to win online

These days, online games are much in vogue and the youngsters enjoy playing them a lot. Why only the youngsters? You can often see the old people and senior citizens enjoying online games at the internet parlors or at the cyber cafes.  Now as you can understand, there are different levels of playing these games and various gaming techniques as well. So it is for you to know the game properly and play it at  the basic levels before mastering it totally.

One such game is the Clash of Clans where the players to get to collect various valuable gems as well as gold and silver elixir which can be found online.  Now as with any good online game, you are bound to have cheating devices and hack tools which enable the players to win faster.  While playing this very thrilling game, the players get so hooked on that the desire to emerge as the winner becomes very strong. This is where the coc hack would come in very handy for you in breaking through the deadlocks and overcoming the secrets. If your net platform is supportive of the proxy and user friendly, this hack code can be used with ease.

Leaving the morals aside, it is very easy and comfortable to play the game by using the hack. Then you will not have to stop and play at the different levels of the game. Many people wonder how to avail the clash of clans hack. It can be done on computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and all Ios platformsThe various hack codes can be downloaded free of charge for the players to relax and enjoy the game.


How to get the clash of clans hack

There are various means and ways in order to obtain this hack code for playing the clash of clans game.  You can visit the games hack tool page and the user name can be typed in. Now the player has to select the treasure amount like elixir and the gold plus silver which he would like to purchase. Then these treasures would be kept and the start button has to be tapped.

This hacking device like the clash of clans hack will really help you to gather free gems, elixir and gold.  Remember that these accessories are being gathered for free. However, that is only if you are wise enough to choose a lawful hack code. The spammed cheating devices will definitely not help you so make sure to check carefully.

Using hack

There are many theories about using hack. Many people feel that it is dishonest and immoral but barring these raised eyebrows, one cannot deny the fact that it is quite convenient for the diehard players. There are various kinds of cheat codes as well as hack tools which can be found online.

There are particular sites from where the various hack codes can be downloaded while the others can be done so with the help of various tools. So enjoy the game by using clash of clans hack.

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Purpose of an Undetectable Clash Royale Generator


What is the purpose of hack tool in clash royale

Are you looking for the card games then clash royale is the best game for you because it is providing the amazing experience. The basic gameplay of this game is destroying your opponent king’s tower. There are two teams are available in this game and each team having the king’s tower. If you are defeating your opponent team and get the trophies then you could be declared as the game winner. But winning is not an easy thing because you have to unlock the troops with the help of chest. If you want to get the chest then you have to fight against your opponent so winning this game is the difficult task. In case you are looking to unlock the troops and unlimited amount of gems then clash royale hack is helpful to the players.

Purpose of the hacking tool

As everyone knows chest is the key to unlock the troops as well as it has the cards, gold and gems. There are different kind of chest are available in this games and each is taking certain amount of time to unlock the troops such as

  • Magical chest takes 12 hours.
  • Silver chest takes 3 hours.
  • Giant chest takes 12 hours.
  • Gold chest takes 8 hours.
  • Super magical chest take 24 hours.


So above are the certain amount of time to unlock the chest and it might be vary from the different type of chest. Gem is the key to speed up the unlock chest but if you want to use the game then surely you have to spend your real world currency. But initially players are willing to spend their amount but if you are move on to the next level then it might be really difficult when compared to the previous level. So spending the real money is really a toughest job in this game so if you want to win this game then clash royale hack is the perfect choice.

Instructions to use the clash royale hacking tool

Some of the people thing using hacking tool might be the toughest job but it is really easy to use this tool. Below are the instructions to use this tool such as

  • First and foremost download the hacking tool.
  • Hacking tools are case sensitive so try to put the same username which is available in your clash royale gaming account.
  • Try to select the gems, gold and elixir which you want to win this game and don’t forgot to enable the proxy and encryption methods on the hacking tool.
  • Finally lick the “generate” button and wait for minutes.
  • Check your account whether you got your desired gems and gold on your account.

Enabling the proxy is most important because it is make sure that no one is steal your information which means they are providing the end to end encryption. Once the hacking process is finished then you can win this game easily and it is also unlock the troops.

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Can you get away with using a Pokemon Go Hack ?

Why Online Hack Tool is best for Pokemon Go Game

Mobile gaming is a largest entertaining option because most of people use advanced phones like iphone and android devices. The pokemon go is a reality based mobile game which is now turning into a favourite one of gamers. This game is highly tough to play because players need to travel some distance to collect pokemon and coins. The hacking is a simple method to access the pokemon go game and unlock many useful resources. The pokemon go hack is now simple via two methods such as online hack and downloaded hack tool. Normally players want to earn more pokecoins that might help them to get many useful things poke ball, poke eggs and others. The players can perform the pokecoins hack within a few minutes.

The Reasons for Using Online Hack Tool                   

Pokemon go is a new game that is now available with number of hack tools so players don’t need any worry about results of game. The online hack tool is a brilliant choice because it is pretty safer than downloaded hack tool. The users love to use online hack tool because it has many advantages.

  • The online hack tool supports ios and android devices
  • It provides a proxy support
  • It has effective anti-ban system
  • It does not require download process
  • It helps to generate pokecoins and other important resources
  • It is free to use


These advantages can be a huge reason for using online hack tool by players for the game of pokemon go. The players should spend more time to generate pokecoins in the direct way but players can get coins within 5 minutes by using hack tool. This game is now exclusively available for both android mobile devices and iphone devices. The pokemon go hack tools are now available in various categories but players only enough to choose pokecoins generators to avoid spending real money. The users can feel free from threatening of virus and other harmful factors if they use online hack tool. The common people can feel easy with online pokemon go hack tool. The users can get number of exciting features by using any kinds of hack tools. The online pokecoins generator has simple user interface in which players can generate pokecoins at free of cost.  The pokemon go coins hack allows players to feel the freedom of getting resources.

The Importance of Pokecoins Hack 

Every player of pokemon go looks to earn more pokecoins to get many valid things but it is difficult to get by all players. The pokecoins can be hacked by many methods but online hack is now considering as the best way. The users can able to increase the chances of winning the game by using advanced hack tools. The pokecoins may lead players to get more opportunities of gaining poke balls, eggs, and others. The hacking is simple as well as cost free so players don’t need any hassle or panic to use reputed and reliable hack tools.

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Iq Test For Mensa Top Strategies

Uncommon Article Gives You The Facts On Iq Test For Mensa That Only A Few People Know Exist

More On Phone

The fact that the Nokia n95 has been around for a while now has its own unique style. The iPhone is a powerful smartphone and it is a great device for the people who are in the market for a lot of reasons. In addition, the iPhone is a popular device that has a lot of benefits. It is an useful and effective way of getting the phone to the right place. The iPhone is an useful tool for the people who are looking for a way to make a phone call. It is an easy and simple way to get the phone number of the person you want to talk to.

Now the Nokia one is the first smartphone to come up with a new and better mobile phone. Mobile phone is a new technology that has made it possible for people to communicate with each other.

Key Takeaway: The Nokia n8 is an attractive phone that has been around for a long time.


The first reason is that the Nokia mobile is a good device. It is a mobile marketing tool that is used to promote the brand and its products. This is a great way to make the mobile app more attractive and user friendly. A good thing about mobile application development is that it is easy to use.

We have a lot of choices and we have an unique way to choose from. We are talking about a mobile device that is designed to be used by the people around us. The mobile phone industry is booming and everyone is trying to get a better idea of what is best for them. The first question that you should take into account when choosing a cellular phone is the compatibility.

The excitement of the virtual world is a great surge in the popularity of the game. The game is a virtual experience that you can play with your friends and family. You can share your experiences with others and make your life a whole lot more enjoyable. The best part about online gaming is that you can download it from any computer and it is free.

The world is filled with wonderful and fascinating artifacts and treasures. There are many world-class characters and stories that you can explore and learn about. This is a popular genre, and it is a great place to start.

The only problem with this type of game is that you cant play it without the fear of losing it. It is a game that is addictive and can be played for a long time.

The Test for Mensa game has been a successful game ever since. In addition, the it has been a popular sport in the past and it has been a part of the game. The popularity of the game has led to a good surge in the expansion of Mensa candidates .

The magic of the game is that you can play it with your friends and loved ones. You can also take away the enemies of the house and you can enjoy the thrill of the game.

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How do the Pixel Gun 3d Cheats Work

How Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Work

Game is a brilliant option to get relaxation so today people are choosing online games, offline mobile games and others. The mobile games could be convenient to get relaxation so now users like to choose pixel gun 3d game. This game is an excellent battle game which gives refreshment to players. The players are now struggling to get more score in this multiplayer game. The cheat or hack tool might be a right solution to avoid the game loses issues. The pixel gun 3d game hack is so simple so users don’t need to feel worry. The players should know about pixel gun 3d cheats clearly otherwise they can the useful resources easily. This exclusive war game is actually tough to finish positively but it can be changed into positive by the reputed cheats or hack tools.

How Cheats Tools are working    

The pixel gun 3d game is a fantastic game so players love to win more score in the multiplayer war game. The hack tool helps players to get effective score without any issues. Initially players have to download and install the hack tool that is important to get the needed resources. The users should know about working of cheat tools otherwise they can’t earn the features.

  • The players need an internet connection to download the cheats
  • The pixel gun 3d cheats are pretty easy to use
  • The cheats have nice user interface
  • Once online coins generator is activated then users should click the start hack button to get the access
  • The players should keep the pixel gun 3d game open while hacking


These simple factors are helpful for players to get access for unlocked resources so players can simply enjoy the game without any troubles. The users don’t need to feel complex to sue the cheats that are highly understandable by everybody. The players can hack the resources without any difficulties but players must have superb and more powerful hack tool. The players should open the online generator properly otherwise players can’t get the unlocked and useful resources quite simply and safely. The players can feel the certain benefits by this cheat tool so today most number of players likes to use it. The hack tool allows players to get coins and gems for other friends and players. The player can stand tall in front of other players by winning this game.

The Importance of Pixel Gun 3D Hack Guide

In these present days people would like to pick pixel gun 3d game because it is really a superb game to play via mobile phones. Everyone has to learn about how to use hack tool so they need a guide. Today users can get pixel gun 3d hack guide exclusively available in various websites so they can be an expert in hacking if they learn it. The players can get free gems and free coins and free gems without any risks by the help of cheat or hack tool. The players can get rights to access anything in the game of pixel gun 3d but they need a reputed hack tool.

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